Theresa May and Her Big Brother

It breaks my heart to see what this lady Theresa May is planning to do. By the way – did she create the Internet??? If not then please do not shout about the restrictions you are going to create!!!

So, this lovely lady is brave enough to announce such statements as “Some people say that it is not for a government to regulate when it comes to technology and the Internet. We disagree.” I guess Mr. Orwell is crying together with me. It looks like “kings” of the UK (why do they always forget that they are here to serve for their people?) decided to collect the browsing records of everyone in the country and have them read by authorities (what kind of word is “authorities”?). Goodbye “WhatsApp”. And the explanation of this is “to protect us from terrorists”, lol. The same explanation for every new restriction. It’s like the USA’s war “for democracy” in every oil country.

So, the UK government will be able to place restrictions on seeing adult content. It might stop search engines from directing people to pornographic websites. It can force IT companies to delete everything what a person posted when he/she was under 18. It looks like the UK is going to be the global leader in the regulation of the use of personal data and the Internet. The government is going to force companies to keep records of user’s browsing history. Etc…

It looks like Great Britain will become another “democratic” USA (not to mention other countries) with all the restrictions for so-called “safety”. We are all slaves and so controlled! It ruined my Friday. Hey people, do you still remember “Imagine” by The Beatles?

In my country (the same as in yours wherever you live) there are a lot of restrictions. They control us in every step, we have a bunch of rules, restrictions, punishments, cameras on every corner. It’s sad to see, that most people agree with all this nonsense and can not imagine that it might be in a different way. Instead of investing in education they are concentrating on control and new (and new and new) taxes.

How will you explain such nonsense that some things are legal in one country but illegal in another? Why a person can get different punishment for the same action in different countries? I’m the same person, but I’m free to do something in one country and I am a criminal for the same action in another country. Shame on you rulers of the world.

I will never be free, never…

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

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