Chaos in the Airport

Most of the flights are delayed, the rest of the flights are canceled – this is something that no traveler wants to experience, but we weren’t lucky enough to avoid this situation. And why? I have no clue, but I want to tell this story for you and for the future myself. And yes, it was in Turkey again (a week ago I wrote about their taxi scammers). Don’t get me wrong – I liked Turkey A LOT, especially their wonderful capital Istanbul, but they really have problems with their transport!

Let’s start with the beginning – after spending a couple of days in Istanbul we had to continue our trip to Bodrum. That morning was very nice, warm and calm. This time I was undoubtedly sure that we will avoid taxi, so we had to spend a couple or three hours on the way to the airport: we went on foot, then metro, then funicular, then on foot again and here we go – a bus going to the airport. Perfect organization! 🙂

In the airport, life wasn’t so perfect. Electricity disappeared 3 times. ALL the flights delayed or were canceled. After check-in, on boarding papers we saw 40 minutes delay, but all the information boards showed 80 minutes delay and in the end we left even later. There were thousands of people in the small airport. We all were like herrings in a can.  There was no place to sit, not enough information about time and gates of the departures. Everybody was checking computers of airport employees and employees lost control. In a minute after calling “boarding”, the information was changed to “last call”. They sometimes changed the gates and me and big bunch of people had to run to another gate. Anyway, people were quite calm and nobody was panicking. It was a good sign because it would be very dangerous to have a panic in one small area full of people.

In the airplane the story was similar – we had to wait quite a long time until pilots received a permission to take off. Before take off the captain was on speaker telling us some stories in Turkish. All the passengers were listening to him carefully, they laughed, they were surprised, they applauded him twice and I what the heck – I couldn’t understand anything, because it was all in Turkish, so it was kind of frustrating – I had to reach Bodrum in a daytime! What is he talking about? Is he talking about the delay? But why for so long? Is he reciting poems? Why are people applauding to him? Or maybe he is telling that there is some serious situation in Bodrum and we can’t go there because of this reason? My husband already slept, but I couldn’t calm myself so I asked stewardess what is pilot talking about. She only replied “about the delay” and went away! Oh, thank you very much for this comprehensive information! During our flight the captain spoke to passengers a few times, but nothing in English… The only thing he said in English was “all the passengers, fasten your belts”. Thanks, I didn’t know that…

After one hour stewardesses decided to give us something to eat and drink. One of them asked me what I would like to drink in Turkish. I replied her in English and guess what… she went away and didn’t come back :DDD After this “incident” I remembered my colleague who worked in aviation industry some time ago. She told me that there are too many pilots in Europe, but it is a big problem in Asia and some poor countries – they don’t have enough certified pilots, so some of them print fake certifications and continue working! Actually, there are a lot of airlines that do not get a permit to come to Europe due to poor aircraft maintenance or other serious reasons. So this avoidance of English language in an industry where all the pilot and stewardess exams are in English reminded me about those “printed certifications” :))

In the Bodrum airport, a bus was waiting for us. It had to go to Bitez (a village in which our hotel was), but again unsuccessfully… I usually expect the bus to go to the bus station or something similar, but not this time! The bus stopped in the middle of the road near Bitez!!! The bus driver told us that this place is Bitez and we need to get out from the bus! What the heck, where is Bitez???? He waived us to one direction and left! Gosh, not again!!!!! :((( While my husband was smoking, my all thoughts was about a taxi. Where will we get it?? After a few minutes, we managed to stop a taxi… The taxi driver didn’t know where our hotel is. Is it possible to not know where the hotel is in a village that has no more than 20 hotels??? He started calling to his friends or family and after 20 minutes we were safely “delivered” to the hotel.

Huh, be safe, travel relaxed!

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