I Will Never Find Peace in Travelling

Today I am in Ubud – capital of culture in Bali. Or it’s not the capital of culture, maybe locals started to call it like that after the movie “Eat, pray, love” with Julia Roberts coming to Bali to find a healer. I’ve heard, that a lot of local people became ‘healers’ after this movie, you just pay for it.

I have been in many countries and I have never had a feeling of freedom and harmony. Only because I’m a foreigner I am just a tourist with a big wallet. Do I have to wear a T-shirt “I’m not a wallet, I’m a global citizen like you are”? Locals, please leave me alone and let me enjoy a vibe of your country. I now understand my Love who “doesn’t like to travel”, he likes to live in foreign countries.

Another story is locals who sell you “exotics in local people”. Today we spent a day with the Bali guide who was happy for us because we had chosen to live with locals instead of a hotel. He told us that we can see how local people spend their day and my first thought was “are you some human zoo, so we can see how you live your daily life?” I was shy and modest enough to say it loudly, I didn’t want to insult him. I don’t want to be a tourist who pays money for a “human zoo”, I don’t even go to the animal zoo, because I’m against it.

There are a lot of tourists who take photos of nice old people and kids. One saw travel blogger takes such photos and walks away. I can’t do it, because they are the same as we are. How do you like it if someone comes close to you and takes a photo of your “exotic” face?

I want to have an easy and relaxing vacation and I don’t have much money to support you all crazy local people. Thank you for understanding.

Photo by Dino Reichmuth on Unsplash

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